That's Us

From the idea to the screens


A full range of expertise and services for films in Luxembourg
(production, strategy, post-production, VFX)


Antevita Films

produces and coproduces documentaries, short and feature films mainly based on real facts: true stories written by life itself, stories that have influenced or could possibly change the life of a person, of a family or even of a whole ethnic group.


Espera Productions

provides highly professional and state of the art services. As a fully integrated image and sound post-production company, it offers a perfect place to manage and drive all kind of audiovisual projects.

VFX / 3D Studio


is a VFX and 3D animation boutique. With a team of talented artists they always seek to bring the most bang for the buck to the show. The modern pipeline is based on the best industry standards allowing them to focus efficiently on the artistic result.